James Castle Collection and Archive works exclusively with the following galleries.

Collectors are invited to contact these galleries directly.

Frith Street gallery

Frith Street Gallery

17-18 Golden Square,
London England W1F 9JJ

Phone:+44 (0)20 7494 1550
E-mail: info@frithstreetgallery.com
Website: https://www.frithstreetgallery.com/artists/james-castle

Lawrence Markey Gallery

Lawrence Markey Inc.

200 E. Grayson Street, No. 104
San Antonio, TX 78215

Phone: (210) 228 9966
E-mail: info@lawrencemarkey.com
Website: https://www.lawrencemarkey.com/james-castle-works/

Tayloe Piggott Gallery

Tayloe Piggott Gallery

62 South Glenwood Street,
Jackson Hole, WY 83001

Phone: (307) 733 0555
Email: art@tayloepiggottgallery.com
Website: https://www.tayloepiggottart.com/artist/James_Castle/

Tomio Koyama Gallery

Tomio Koyama Gallery

Complex 665 2F, 6-5-24 Roppongi
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032 Japan

Phone: +81-3-6434-7225
Email: info@tomiokoyamagallery.com
Website: http://tomiokoyamagallery.com/en/exhibitions/james-castle-exhibition/