Between Board and Batten: Works From The James Castle House

April 28, 2018 – May 4, 2019

This collection of artworks is part of a generous gift of 61 pieces to the City of Boise from the James Castle Collection and Archive in honor of James’ family who cared for him throughout his lifetime, protected his art and nurtured his creative spirit. The works in this collection range from books to soot drawings, and demonstrate the wide range of Castle’s curiosity and skill. Eleven of these artworks were found inside the James Castle House during recent renovations, a fitting discovery in the effort to invite new artistic energy into the space. The City is grateful for this gift, which allows us to bring the works back to the place where James created them.

Most of James Castle’s surviving artworks and artifacts likely endured decades at 5015 Eugene Street– some bundled and tucked away, some in plain sight, and some placed between wall boards expectantly waiting for discovery.

In partnership with: James Castle House

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