Inside / Outside

James Castle Inventory Number: cas12-0081


This structure is believed to be the barn on the Garden Valley property of his youth.

James Castle Inventory Number: CAS17-0869

Abstract Landscape

Castle regularly collected shards of colored glass and later dipped them in water to survey his surroundings, taking in the blurred, colorful landscape.

James Castle Inventory Number: CAS09-0363

Shed Interior

This soot drawing features Castle’s studio/bedroom in a shed at their Boise home—now part of the renovated James Castle House.

James Castle Inventory Number: CAS09-0331

Porch view / road

This rural porch view has a photographic quality. Paper with a rougher surface tended to soak up more of Castle’s soot compound, allowing him to develop saturated tones.

James Castle Inventory Number: ARCV71-0113


This drawing depicts a profile image of a door with the strike plate and knobs on each side.

James Castle Barn Interior

Barn Interior

Many of Castle’s soot drawings focus on the built environment, such as this barn interior.