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Underground with an outsider: 10 finds from the James Castle house dig

Conducting an archaeological dig at famed outsider artist James Castle’s West Boise home site required a special mindset, University of Idaho Professor Mark Warner said. Castle used odd items like handmade “brushes” fashioned from wads of cloth, simple pencils and ink made from soot and spit to create his evocative work. Student archaeologists and volunteers…

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James Castle Exhibition in Japan

The one-person exhibition James Castle opened at Tomio Koyama Gallery in Tokyo on July 13, 2015 and runs through July 18, 2015. Watch: Tomio Koyama on His New Tokyo Gallery (video). Photos courtesy Tomio Koyama Gallery View gallery…

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Smithsonian American Art Museum Acquisition

Idaho native James Castle recorded personal views of his home ground between roughly 1910 and 1970. His drawings, predominantly done with a homemade soot-based ink on found paper and cardboard, depict farm scenes and the surrounding countryside with a remarkable stillness. Castle also constructed small objects–doll-like figures, birds, and other household items–using sewn-together cardboard. Castle…

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My Highlights from ADAA: The Art Show 2014

John Elderfield Artsy This is a selection of fairly unassuming but still wonderful pieces that might easily get lost amid the noisy appeal of bigger, brighter, bolder works. The problem with art fairs is that, as in parties, the extroverts stand out. Not that some of them don’t deserve to do so; but this selection…

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